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For the 2015-16 academic year I worked as an intern in the Digital Products Department at MIT Press. This was an incredible opportunity, as it offered insight into how electronic assets are created and distributed by a global publisher, and gave me plenty of hands-on practice. I created eBook versions of a number of the press's print books (see the gallery for a list of the books I worked on), as well as bookmarking PDF copies. Creating digital products in a professional setting was very different from my classroom experiences, and a refreshing challenge.

During my time at the press, I had the opportunity to develop and then document an alternative eBook workflow using InDesign. As eBooks are typically created entirely in code editors or dedicated eBook software such as Sigil at MIT Press, this was a chance to build my own set of steps and work through the difficulties that came from working with documents originally designed for print production. I relished the chance to use problem-solving and analytical skills to figure out the most efficient method of carrying out each step, and the responsibility that came with such a task.