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Iterative webpage designs for a subscription box startup

This project was a chance to work with clients developing a startup concept and create from scratch a cohesive design for their online presence. Building on inspiration from moodboards and colour schemes provided by the clients, my partner and I constructed wireframes and page designs in Adobe Photoshop that the clients could take to pitch meetings.

After reviewing the concept, which was to encourage people to experiment and have fun in the kitchen using a variety of flavours, we opted for earthy tones and clean design that doesn't complicate the matter at hand: working with fresh, exciting ingredients.

We worked with the clients over a number of weeks, and honed the design following critical feedback and adjustments to the concept. In addition to the designs, the clients were given style tiles that distill the designs down to its basic visual and structural elements. These images show some of the changes that were made, as well as a selection of the final designs and an example style tile.